Advanced: Screaming Frog Audit Settings

A website audit is a great way to make sure your site is up-to-date with the latest SEO standards and that you are in compliance with Google’s guidelines. But what if I told you there was an easier, more efficient way? Screaming Frog offers many features to help you do a complete audit of your site – both onsite and offsite. In this post, we’ll dive into some of the best settings for audits so you can get started asap!

Screaming Frog Audit Settings

This is not a list of all the possible settings in this tool, only ones I change from the default. So for any setting that isn’t mentioned here, it’s best to keep them at their defaults.

I hope you enjoy this article, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.


  • What is a Screaming Frog Audit?

Published on: 2021-08-12
Updated on: 2022-06-09

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