Google Data Studio Adds Support for Google News and Discover Traffic Reports

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Google’s Data Studio has exciting new features. Using the Search Console connector, you can create reports with Google News traffic data or Google Discover data. Google says they did this at the request of publishers.

Publishers naturally want to know how much traffic Google News sends them. To optimize for Google News, publishers must have original journalistic content with a date. A byline and information about the author also help. Reading the new reports can help publishers optimize their content so it is included in Google News and gets click-throughs.

Discover is the new and improved Google Feed. It lists web content for users according to their search history. The content can include news, videos, evergreen content, images, and more. Data Studio users can view reports to see which of their content performs well. According to numerous surveys, most consumers prefer video content from brands they like. Discover likes to show quality content, so thin content does not appear in it. The best way to optimize for Google Discovery is to include high-resolution images and semantic keywords phrases.

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Data Center lets users easily create reports and visualizations and then share them with others. It’s a free and fully customizable tool. It offers marketers, SEO agencies, and online business owners helpful insights. There are tutorials available and an individual can earn a completion certificate in Data Studio at the Google Analytics Academy. The beginner-level course and certificate are free.

Many companies have trouble creating content that resonates with visitors. Google’s Data Center gives publishers valuable information, so they can learn which pieces of content and in what form are engaging and the search engine views them as relevant. An increasing number of paid analytics programs are incorporating Data Center data in their reports. However, Data Center is a very effective and useful data analytics tool by itself.


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Published on: 2022-04-03
Updated on: 2022-06-17

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