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Businesses aren’t always in one single location. Companies grow to where the demand is needed the most; this can range anywhere from small towns to big cities to offering services state-wide. This can make it very difficult to optimize your website for a multiple-location business. Properly optimizing your business for multiple locations requires some careful strategies and work; learn more below.

How to setup Multi-Location Businesses using Local SEO Strategies

1. Create a landing page for each location

Be specific about your service and location. Creating Individual Pages for each specific location helps Google to fulfill users’ search intent.

Build unique pages, if you can replace the city name on the page and the content still makes sense, its not an optimized location page.

Some good items to add to your pages are:

  • Location of your business, including your business name, address, and phone number (NAP)
  • Local content (business hours, staff information, testimonials, news, events, etc.)
  • An embedded Google Map on each individual location page
  • Location-specific comments and reviews from customers
  • Location-specific Title Tags and Meta Descriptions (adding local-specific keywords)
  • Images from inside your business and the team members that work there.
  • Social Media links
  • Negative review mitigation (reply to nasty reviews)

Searchers want a one-stop-shop to learn everything they can about your business, so don’t make them work for it.

2. Create Citations for each Location Page (Local Business Listings)

Add local citations to those pages; you can do this automatically using a service like BrightLocalWhiteSpark, or Yext.

Essential citations are Yelp, Apple Maps, GMB, Bing Places, Yellow Pages, Facebook, and Twitter; these will verify your local business.

You will want to join chambers of commerce organizations to grow your local directories listings.

Google Search used to carry more weight behind local citations (local backlinks), but now it acts as a signal to verify the authenticity of your location page.

3. Structuring (silo) your Pages

Create easy-to-understand siloed URL structures; this will improve your site structure and leave room to grow your business. It also allows you to easily be able to add more location pages to your website without confusion.



(keyword stuffing does not help your rankings)



After setting up your silo, link the parent pages to its children. In the example above, “California” would be the parent, “Pasadena” is the child. This will optimize your link score, crawl tree analysis, and location SEO score.

4. Add Local Schema

Add your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) to your website’s schema (markup) to improve local search rankings.

Within the Schema settings, you can also add SameAS, so Search Engines know precisely where you are located.

5. Create Google My Business + Bing Places Listings

Add your location pages to Google My Business Listings (GMB) and Bing Places. This will help Google & Bing identify and verify your business locations.

Complete your business profiles with detailed business information to build out your knowledge graph.

Each location should have its own GMB listing and Bing Places page. You can verify locations in Bing automatically using the GMB connector.

Ask for online reviews from patrons, but do not incentivize them to do so; that goes against Google policies. Customers using mobile devices to leave reviews are more valuable because Google can verify the person is actually at the location.

An example of Multi Location Business excelling at Local SEO

If you want to see an excellent example of local SEO done correctly, HomeDepot has mastered the game of Local SEO for Multiple Locations.

Home Depot Location Page
Home Depot has great location page examples for multi-location businesses

Consider working with a Professional

With the Google algorithm constantly changing, it isn’t easy to figure out all the parameters required to create a website that ranks high for local searches in the SERPs. As a digital marketing/search engine optimization expert, I can help you with local marketing, content marketing, and multi-location SEO campaigns. Email me today to discuss how I can help you with your local SEO campaign improving your organic search traffic and phone calls.


  • How to setup Multi-Location Businesses using Local SEO?
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