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Learn how to use on-page SEO strategies to improve your search rankings and traffic.

What was the First Search Engine?

When we talk about search engines, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. But do you know that Google was not the first search engine? The first search engine was actually created in 1990 by two students at Stanford University. It was called Archie and it only indexed pages that were on the… Read the full article

Doodle for Google

Just about anyone who has ever opened up Google to search for a topic on the web has encountered the ubiquitous Google logo. But every time you see the log on their search page it might be a little bit different than the times you have seen it before. For some businesses, even a slight… Read the full article

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Increase traffic and rankings

If you are reading this, then the chances are that your business’s website requires some serious SEO. Let me guess – you’re either trying to figure out what it all means or how it could help. Well, let us break down the basics for you in this step-by-step tutorial and show precisely why SEO can… Read the full article

SEO Segmentation

Good SEO is critical to every website’s growth, and the world of SEO is constantly evolving. Today’s dynamic search environment has an effect on your traffic, ranking, conversion rates, and much more. When you are trying to shape the ideal search experience for people using Google, the success of your ability to boost CTRs depends… Read the full article

Should I noindex Category & Tag pages?

Category & Tag pages should be left indexable only if you have a Tag and Category strategy in place. This strategy should be a part of your overall Search Engine Optimization plan to help indexed pages rank better. Category pages are great for improving user experience and adding more internal links to your website. When… Read the full article

How To Find the Best SEO Forums for Your Needs

As you set out to broaden your organization’s reach, you will likely search for knowledge in online communities full of people with similar goals. Thankfully, there are many online SEO forums and message boards, so finding answers to your SEO-related questions is very easy. However, not all communities are of the same quality. You don’t… Read the full article

Programmatic SEO

If you’re like most Internet users, chances are you’ve landed on Yelp, Zillow, Tripadvisor, and other aggregate sites a million times. Within each of these sites, you’ll find thousands of content pages that always seem to sit at the top of super-specific search results. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple: it gets… Read the full article

YouTube SEO Guidelines

YouTube SEO is the method of optimizing YouTube videos and channels to increase your rankings. Existing search engines like YouTube uses advanced algorithms to decide whether your videos will go up or down in rank based on specific criteria. The process of Optimizing for YouTube helps increase your key metrics such as website visits, follower… Read the full article

How Professional SEO Consultants Can Help Your Organization

To compete in the modern marketplace, your organization’s message needs to reach the right audience. These days, more and more commerce occurs in digital spaces, so your business must rank well on search engines to stay relevant. However, search engine algorithms are incredibly complex, and they require a lot of expertise to effectively navigate. This… Read the full article

Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Businesses aren’t always in one single location. Companies grow to where the demand is needed the most; this can range anywhere from small towns to big cities to offering services state-wide. This can make it very difficult to optimize your website for a multiple-location business. Properly optimizing your business for multiple locations requires some careful… Read the full article

Picking the Best SEO Agency for Your Company’s Needs

People need to know about your business for it to succeed. However, without high-quality SEO services, potential customers might never get the opportunity to engage with your company’s content. You can make the best online content on the planet, but it’s almost meaningless if it doesn’t rank well on search engines. For this reason, you… Read the full article

Local SEO – Increasing leads with local search

As a small business owner, the internet is probably your most powerful marketing tool. Most people search online for local businesses before visiting them, so your online visibility can make a major difference in your overall success. To establish your presence online and expand your audience, you need to implement a high-quality local SEO campaign…. Read the full article

Digital Marketing in Ottawa

Marketing works best if you go to where your clients are, and most of your clients are already online. Digital marketing services are a great way to increase your website’s organic traffic and leads. As a result, you can boost your revenue, enhance brand awareness and improve your sales. By 2025, e-commerce sales will make… Read the full article

SEO Agency Scams: How to find a Reputable Agency

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for your website’s success, but not all SEO agencies are created equally. Sadly, there are many so-called SEO agencies that only exist to scam you. How can you tell the difference between a reputable agency and a scam one? It may take a bit of digging, but an honest… Read the full article

Local SEO Explained

The local SEO strategy is one that many companies are overlooking. If you have a local business, then chances are you need to be utilizing local SEO strategies. This blog post will explain why local SEO strategies are so crucial for companies and how they can help your company dominate the local search engine rankings… Read the full article

7 Steps to create your own Reverse SEO strategy

Reverse SEO is a reputation management technique used to push down a specific search result from the first page of Google Search by adding additional SERPs (search engine result pages) with the same target keyword. To give you an example, if you had negative reviews on a social platform, you cannot access, or the provider… Read the full article

PageRank Explained

If you’re a digital marketer or learning search engine optimization (SEO), then you’ve probably heard of Google’s PageRank. But what is it, exactly? And how can you use it to help your business? In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about PageRank, and I’ll provide some tips on how to improve yours…. Read the full article

Free Marketing Tools

Marketing tools facilitate a wide variety of online activities within any budget. There are a wide variety of apps available that will help the campaign reach new audiences, develop existing ones and expand the reach of your message. Promotion is at the core of all free online marketing tools. These allow you to generate a… Read the full article

How to Avoid SEO Scams as An Addiction Treatment Center

Since companies and businesses moved to the internet, there is now an avalanche of SEO scammers waiting patiently to take advantage of them. Addiction Treatment Centers and Services seem to be a recurrent target by these scammers. Avoiding SEO frauds can be tricky and problematic – whom do you turn to if you want to… Read the full article

Types of Sales Funnels

Whether you are operating a purely online business or a brick-and-mortar company, a sales funnel is a key way to bring new customers into your business. By tracking the right metrics, you can determine if your current sales funnel is working or not. If you need to improve your business model, there are a range… Read the full article