setting up a treatment call center
How-to: Setup a Treatment Call Center

Setting up a Addiction Treatment Call Center

A guideline on how to set up a rehabilitation treatment call center

It is unfortunate to see a health facility not operating at its full potential because of the managers not knowing how to bring in new clients to offer their services. No clients mean no work and, eventually, no pay. All resources spent on building the facility, hiring staff, and equipping the facility will waste if clients do not come in to be served. The sole purpose of a health facility is to provide health care. Therefore, the number one priority stakeholder is the patient.

Addiction treatment has recently been on the rise. There has been a dire need for the treatment of addiction through high-quality and effective phone calls. This is where we step in with our expertise and equipment to help offer valuable, ethical, and affordable phone calls to health care facilities. The main tasks as high-quality addiction treatment phone call service providers areas outlined below. 

  • Management of phone calls from people seeking treatment.
  • Creation of a phone call center equipped with all necessary personnel and equipment needed to help people in a required and effective manner. 
  • Provision of call rate tracking and real-time analytics to ensure effective use of your money to the latter.
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call center
call center

Below is an in-depth guideline on how to set up a rehabilitation treatment call center.

Acquire the Infrastructure You Need to Set Up the Call Center

Managing calls for addicts is no bread and butter job. Remember, these are real people probably at the darkest points of their lives trying to survive addiction. These people need the most attention, care, and respect available. The chances are that you are wasting your time and money if you do not have the correct infrastructure or proper channels and strategies to manage the leads. It is also highly probable that you are offering little or poor service to your clients.

You need to ensure that your call center infrastructure and processes can deliver the best service possible.

Hardware and Call Routing

Call routing is a management feature that helps several incoming phones be queued, waiting to be served. When the time is right, the incoming call next on the queue will be directed to the next available recipient (agent). Several technicalities are involved when a call is being routed.

The following cumulative parameters lead to a healthy call routing: A network of phone systems, qualified personnel to handle the technical bit of phone calls, and representatives available around the clock.

These parameters will help answer the big question of knowing what exactly you are dealing with. Once understood, a call routing system will be established. This call routing will help direct calls to the right persons at the right time.

With the advancement of virtual working stations, especially in call centers, it is highly probable that some of the reps will be off-site when some calls are incoming. The technical team then sets up a sequence to direct the incoming calls to the representative’s cell phone.

You need to ensure that your call center infrastructure and processes can deliver the best service possible.

Call Tracking and Reporting

Call tracking entails measuring call data rates and availing it to the client for transparency. Treatment Calls for clients are made effective by incorporating and reporting the call rates to the clients.

You can go a step ahead and assign different phone numbers to other lead sources so you know which campaigns are performing best and which ones may need some adjustments. Keep in mind that you need to provide the best value for money; to achieve this, your transparency should be a notch higher.

Route Quality Leads and Treatment Calls to Your Call Center

Once all the equipment and personnel are set and ready to go, leads will start knocking on the door at your Treatment Calls. There is a variety of lead generation campaigns to choose from.

Criteria for Routing Quality Leads and Treatment Calls

These campaigns are based on some considerations such as; routing calls on a 24/7 basis, setting daily caps on your Treatment Calls, selecting how many calls your center wishes and is capable of receiving per given timeframe, and deciding which days of the week you would like to receive Treatment Calls (working hours).

Reception of Treatment Calls

Having now settled in organizing these Treatment Calls up to this point, you will now be receiving calls from people needing help from addiction. The decision of whether or not to qualify these calls in the manner you see fit is totally up to you. However, this decision might be influenced by your call center’s specific objectives in collaboration with the health facility, insurance, mental health criteria, and travel arrangements.

Narrow Down to The Quality Leads

These specific objectives are supposed to be adhered to and met in the long run. They will help narrow down to the quality leads for your Treatment Calls. Mind you, not every call you get will be one directing to be attended to for help. Some calls will come in as consultations or queries on addiction. The point is, you need to keep quality leads coming in by training your representatives and using the right conversion optimization.

Analyze, Optimize, and Improve

You need to analyze your data used in Treatment Calls to handle and bring leads to your services effectively. Do analytics to compare the best service providers for your money’s worth. Furthermore, what good is it for spending on information and not being sure about their responses?

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Marketing your call center might also be handy because most of your representatives have a clinical healthcare background, not marketing. Product promotion will aid in directing clients to your Treatment Calls for assistance.

At this point, you need to be hands-on in researching the best Treatment Calls service providers to optimize your resources input. Some service providers collaborate with leading phone tracking and routing industries, while others stand on their own. It will be wise to choose a well-established company that offers routing systems and phone call tracking services.

Some firms offer special discounted packages that allow your call center to track, record, and learn from every phone call. Additionally, some offer free live calls and monitoring to new clients as a platform to demonstrate their services.

When settling for a service provider, remember to choose packages that will help your Treatment Calls customize for better delivery of services. Be informed that some packages are fixed and don’t give room for improvement. Choose wisely.

Many treatment calls can be put in place to prepare in serving one client in need. However, the primary purpose should remain clear. Offer the best service available for that soul in need of help. Their saviors are a phone call away.



What is a Call Center?

A call center is a type of customer service center that provides telephone support to customers. Call center representatives typically handle customer inquiries, complaints, and sales calls. They may also provide technical support or product information. Call centers are often used by businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, call centers can help to reduce the cost of customer service. By handling customer calls centrally, businesses can save on labor costs and improve efficiency. Call centers are an important part of many businesses, and they can play a key role in customer retention and satisfaction.

Published on: 2020-09-04
Updated on: 2022-06-23